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What others are saying about Emily both as a person and as a business.

"a young girl with a great vision that will go far in life and will help others to get them to where they want to go both physically and mentally"

about 8 months ago

"What a great first day! Thank you to all who supported me and encouraged me, especially Emily and Sharon. I feel motivated, my body May disagree but it needed this. It will be worth it. Thanks again."

about 3 months ago.




"For everyone out there 'thinking' of doing this all I can say is give it a go!!!! You won't regret it!!! Emily is so encouraging, funny and extremely helpful. She goes above and beyond her call of duty. Each and every session is different from the last. There's no better time to change than NOW! :D thank you em for changing my life!"

about 4 months ago

"Have only had one session so far, and spoken to Emily a few times, but already my lifestyle has changed dramatically. After 4 years of not doing anything due to a knee injury I'm running everyday and clean eating"


about 4 months ago